I only write poetry to him now

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You lucky, lucky boy
You found a girl with a heart
The size of the Grand Canyon
Deep enough to fall inside
And lose sight of life
Outside her eyes
That stare as if
You might disappear—
Her fissures have lost
Trespassers before
Yet you, bold adventurer
Explore each curve
Leaving cave paintings
On her crooked walls
Signing each with 
Three little words:
I’m not leaving.

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My hands are in your hair
And my heart is in my throat.

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What I miss most
Are the inbetween moments
Things that pass
Between love and lust
Soft of night
Till early morning
In lazy embrace
Every expression of tenderness
Your tired eyes betray
Lighter than air
Kisses I still crave.

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We only play at being adults
Trying on age like dress-up clothes. 

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You grow shy of the questions
But I am not afraid
Of the answers
My tongue’s just scratching
At the surface
Kitten licks against your ear
Searching for the echoes
She left behind
Her tickles were just training
For the marks
I’ll carve into your skin. 

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Your lips left
A dozen purple galaxies
On my skin and
Every time I looked
In the mirror
I felt as beautiful
As the night sky. 

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It has to be a lie
Those sweet things
You say
Don’t tease me
When I hide
Burying my face
In soft pillowcase
I’ve heard too many
Songs and read
Too many novels
To believe
What you say
Is true
Pretty girls
Don’t spend their
Birthdays alone
No no
It can’t be true
If I was beautiful
I wouldn’t have
Been forced
To wait so long
For you. 

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Do not chase
Do not wear the soles of your shoes
Down on boys
Who won’t cradle your feet
In their laps
Do not waste
Your words
Exhaust your tongue
In the silent poetry
Of kisses
On those
Who don’t exhale
Your name
Like a prayer

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Anonymous said: Why haven't you posted anything in 3 months D:

A bit creatively drained lately.

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